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Spiritual epiphany after twenty years of waiting

11. 4. 2011

Monday 11 April

 9st 9 (g.), husbands 1 (hurrah), children 2 (ungrateful little bastards), calories 3,000 (g.), cigarettes smoked in front of Mark 0 (exemplary), cigarettes smoked in secret 8, spiritual epiphanies 1 (at last!), alcohol units to recover self from said epiphany 6

 9.45 a. m. Phone. Is Mark. Booked us an Easter minibreak!

 9.46 a. m. Called Annie to brag. “Hello darling, guess what?”

 9.47 a. m. Have put the phone down immediately shocked by own words. Here comes spiritual epiphany. I just said ”Hello darling, guess what?” to my daughter. Am turning into my mother. Gaah! Gaah!



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